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Product Name: Senna Extract
Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter
Availability : India & Worldwide
Technology We use: Aqueous Extraction; Solvent Extraction & Oil Extraction Technology
Payment Terms: Depends on Order

We are the legendary manufacturer of the senna extract and popular among the health care industries for delivering the world class quality senna extract at the best prices. The offered senna extract is basically a pure Calcium sennosides (hydroxyanthracene glycosides), a predominant part of the senna extract that plays critical role in stimulating the nerves in the large intestine and encourage the bowel moment. We use leading edge technology to pull out the best quality of the senna extract without altering the properties of the Calcium sennosides whose even small amount has the amazing results in the bowel functioning.

The high quality senna leaves are procured from the south India undergoes the rigorous testing ahead of grinding. The powdered form of the senna leaves is processed with the methanol during the extraction, wherein the methanolic extracts are accumulated and calcium sennosides are isolated by combining the calcium salt solution. Further, the extracted Calcium sennosides is washed with methanol, dried and grounded. The extensive tests are carried out on the end product and on meeting with the set parameter, are either stored in the warehouse or packed for the shipment.

The entire procedure occurs under the stringent quality control to bring out the superior quality senna extract that can give you better results at the lowest investment, which has gained a considerable acceptance among the customers all over the world. Due to its unique properties, our senna extract are extensively being used to cure constipation, bowel preparation before colonoscopy, irritable bowel syndrome, rectal surgery, anal surgery, hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other similar disease. We have wide variation in this senna extract with different amount of the Calcium Sennoside content, ranging from 20% to 90%, which are accessible in India as well as other countries.

What are the benefits of our Senna Extract ?

Senna extracts is actually a Calcium Sennoside in the powdery form

The Calcium Sennoside extracted from the senna is the amazing ingredient for the laxative effects

This extract are performing outstandingly in the health care products for producing the different medicines to cure the bowel associated problem

The senna extracts are FDA approved and hence do not require a prescription to purchase it

We have broad alternatives, ranging from 6% to 90% Calcium Sennoside to match your requirement

We have the technology to pull out best quality Calcium Sennoside without altering its properties and hence serve the best