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Product Name : Green Coffee Extract 45% - 50%
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Technology We use : Aqueous Extraction; Solvent Extraction & Oil Extraction Technology
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The green coffee beans or say raw coffee beans have a greater amount of the Chlorogenic Acid over the roasted coffee beans, which have demonstrated to have considerable health benefits. To take out the best benefit from the Chlorogenic Acid, we are here with the green coffee extracts 50%, containing the 50% of the Chlorogenic Acid that is almost more than double to thereof roast coffee. The 800 mg of the green coffee extract is almost equal to 9600 mg green coffee and 400 mg Chlorogenic acid.

In order to yield the huge amount of the Chlorogenic Acid from the green coffee beans, we emphasize to procure 100% green coffee beans from its origin in addition to adopt the top of the line extraction technology that promote us to obtain the purest version of the green coffee extract containing the principal amount of the Chlorogenic Acid. The obtained green coffee beans are sterilized, dried and grinded and stabilized under the low temperature in order to maintain the level of phytonutrients, which thereafter undergoes the water extraction process. The ethyl acetate is utilized to pull our extraction of the Chlorogenic acids, which is cleaned through solvents to eliminate fats and caffeine. Every batch of our green coffee bean extract is examined to ensure the Chlorogenic acid content and other quality standards before forwarding for the packing that manifests the high purity level of our green coffee bean 50% extract.

The consumption of this green coffee bean delivers the considerable health benefit over the roasted coffee bean, incorporating lowering blood pressure, help reduce risk of the diabetes, reduce body weight, improve mood, fight against bacteria and antifungal, improve heart health, reduce cancer growth, reduce inflammation causing oxidative stress, prevents the progression of diseases. Other than, the high level of the antioxidant also helps boosting the energy levels of the respective person. Our green coffee bean 50% extract is reaching the new heights of popularity in the health care industries making the weight reducing medicines and other health care supplements. We hold a huge inventory of the green coffee bean 50% extract that is available at the most competitive rates in India as well as other countries.

What are the benefits of our Green Coffee Extract 45% - 50%?

We provide quality tested green coffee extract 50% that comes with the purity certificate

We execute the entire manufacturing with the utmost care towards temperature and that’s why able to yield high content of the Chlorogenic Acid

Our Chlorogenic Acid has by far potential to defeat obesity by reducing levels of triglycerides, LDL–cholesterol, making it A favored ingredient of the industries dealing with weight loss supplements

The high amount of the antioxidant in the green coffee extracts 50% and hence can be used with the several health care medicines to defeat several diseases

By means of the manufacturing facility, we are competent to produce any size order in timely manner