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Product Name : Plant Extract
Business Type : Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter
Availability : India & Worldwide
Technology We use: Aqueous Extraction; Solvent Extraction & Oil Extraction Technology
Payment Terms: Depends on Order

If you are looking for the natural ingredient to enhance the functionality of the respective product in the natural way, then the high quality plant extracts are the ultimate way to achieve thereof. We are one of the oldest and largest manufacturer of the plant extracts, are indulged in the field for decades. We have all the assets that are essential to study the respective herb and derive the desired compound from thereof, which covers testing laboratory, research laboratory, huge manufacturing plant and also warehouse to accumulate the valuable herbal extracts after the manufacturing.

Our veteran team of the scientist is practiced in performing the varied research on the manifold plants and their parts to know the substances it holds and the best way to derive it from the plant and hence we are competent to take out specific chemical substance from any of the plant parts. Other than, we possess all three technologies used in the extraction including, aqueous extraction; solvent extraction & oil extraction and hence able to produce the respective plant extract in the desired form. Be it stem, flower, garland, root, fruit, shoots, seed, leaf, bark or any other part of the plant, we have mastery in pulling out chemical compound in a more effective manner and that’s what make us the prominent in the plant extract world.

Be it need of the anti irritant, anti inflammatory, anti infective, wetting, skin protecting, hair protecting, or any other, we can provide the best fit plant extract to fulfill your need. Through the endorsement of the huge manufacturing capacity, we are capable to produce huge orders in a timely manner, no matter it is an order of the single plant extract or multiple, we can deliver the purest version of the plant extract within the outlined time frame. Our product range can be availed in the single plant extract as well as compound extract as per your need, at the rock bottom prices. The 100% purity and world class quality is the flagship of our plant extracts that has considerably influenced the domestic as well as international market.

What are the benefits of our Plant extracts ?

We can provide the plant extracts from almost anything associated with the plant with a 100% purity guarantee

Expertise matters while comes to quality and which is what we have that empower us to produce the world class quality plant extracts

Our plant extracts are procured following the international manufacturing practices and hence our plant extracts meets all the quality norms outlined by the international bodies

Our unit is equipped with the all three technology based manufacturing plants and by which means we can effectively extract the respective bio compound from the plant

All the plant extracts provided by us are quality checked under the ideal room temperature and ascertained for its compliance

100% purity of the plant extracts means better results and thereby mixing of our extract with respective product promise for the outstanding results.