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We provide more than 300 varieties of herbal extract in India and worldwide at the best prices.

Herbal Extracts Manufacturer in India

Product Name: 300+ Herbal Extract
Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter
Availability : India & Worldwide
Technology We use: Aqueous Extraction; Solvent Extraction & Oil Extraction Technology
Payment Terms: Depends on Order

We are India’s principal manufacturer, supplier and exporter of world class quality herbal extracts that is highly cherished in pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, cosmetic, Ayurvedic and food products for its uniform consistency, purity and of course competitive rates. We are experienced in the niche, embrace in-depth knowledge of the Herbalism and hence competent to derive the herbal extracts from any type of seed, root, leaf, pod, fruit, bulb, bark, wood, nut, stone, gum or any other part of the plant you want to use.

We have developed our unique herbal extract manufacturing methodologies to obtain the best quality extract from respective herb and deliver you the second to none quality range of the herbal extract. Our manufacturing processes are designed as per the international quality norms and operate at the medium temperature that ultimately prevents the degradation of the herbal extract caused by the high temperatures. We stock this herbal extracts under the ideal room temperature following the rigorous quality test in order to maintain the property of the bio compounds and always deliver the superior quality at your door step. That means while you come to us, you are going to get the 100% pure and consistent quality range of the herbal extract in the best prices.

Our extensive range of the herbal extract is shown below, which incorporates a huge assortment of the herbal extracts, pure herbs, pure herbal extracts, and medicinal herb extracts, etc. This is the standard range of the herbal extract that we have stocked in the considerable size to provide quick deliver, other than we also can produce the respective herbal extract as per your specification, available in the liquid as well as powdery form.

What are the benefits of our herbal extracts ?

The herbal extracts produced by shares uniform consistency that means every time you are going to get the same consistency for your respective application.

We have our own manufacturing methodologies that help us get the best out of the herbal extract that means you need to use the lesser amount of our herbal extract to get the desired benefit

All the herbal extracts are tested by the quality experts in order to ensure its compliance with the respective quality standards.

We have a veteran scientist who performs several tests on the herbs to know their nature and, accordingly develop the methodology that can deliver the best possible quality to you.

Even after the manufacturing, we take equal care of the herbal extract while stock up in order to protect the bio compound properties of the extract.

Our ISO certified manufacturing practices help us obtain the highest amount of the herbal extract at the low price that ultimately turns into the cost effective affair for you.

Our manufacturing team is proficient in the custom made herbal extract, so if you require the specific type of herbal extract we can fulfill your need at the rates in the market.