Green Tea Extract 95%

Camellia sinensis Extract | Thea Sinensis Extract | Green Sencha Tea Extract | Extrait de Camellia Sinensis Extract

Product Name : Green Tea Extract 95%
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Availability : India & Worldwide
Technology We use : Aqueous Extraction; Solvent Extraction & Oil Extraction Technology
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The cosmic amount of the antioxidant (polyphenols) in the green tea has proven to be effective in several health problems, to leverage this green tea properties, we have produced a great amount of the green tea extract 95% from the green tea leaves that contains utmost amount of the polyphenols (Catechins). We have outlined our own green tea extraction process to extort a chief amount of the antioxidant from the green tea leaves without altering the characteristics of the polyphenols. Our 500 mg green tea extract 95% gives you benefit that you get by drinking 5 to 10 cups of green tea per day that apparently showcase the vast potential of the proposed extract.

The Catechins antioxidant of this green tea extract intensifies the antioxidant capacity in the human body and helps protect against oxidative stress, treat several skin conditions, decrease inflammation, decrease oxidative stress brain diseases, reduce blood pressure as well as increase blood fat level, increase insulin sensitivity, increase blood sugar tolerance, prevent certain type of cancer, etc. That means whether you yearn for health improving medicine or reducing your disease risk medicine, our tea extracts are the ideal ingredient for your product.

This green tea extract is produced by our well versed team of the professionals at the quality controlled manufacturing unit along with the rigorous quality checks are carried out at the every stage of the production, be it ultra filtration, pasteurizing, de aromatized or condensation to ensure its conformity with the specification and set quality norms. Other than green tea extract 95%, we also can provide the different concentration based green tea extract as per your application need. Our every extract comes with the quality certificate as well as also can provide with the respective certification upon request. We do not compromise the products quality and service and thereby we are very transparent to our clients at every stage of the purchase. This range of the green tea extracts 95%, are accessible in India as well as other parts of the world at the best prices, get it today to make strengthen the quality of your green tea based medicines and experience the difference.

What are the benefits of our Green Tea Extract 95% ?

The high amount of the polyphenols (Catechins) is a key to fight against several diseases and is all our green tea extract contains in huge amount

The proposed range is quality tested and comes with certification

We can make is as per your requirement and propose at the best rates in India as well as other countries

Our Green tea extract can provide you the best benefit through its high amount of antioxidant property

It has proven its capability in preventing the several skin, heart, brain, cancer associated problems

Our quality controlled manufacturing provides better quality and better outputs.