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Product Name : Bacopa Extract
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Technology We use : Aqueous Extraction; Solvent Extraction & Oil Extraction Technology
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Bacopa Monnieri is widely recognized as a Brahmi in India is extensively being used since then 7000 years in Ayurveda to improve the brain health, which is the only natural nootropic substance that is used for the brain health supplement. With an aim to taking maximum advantage of this health improving herb, we introduce an extensive range of the Bacopa Monnieri Extract that has more power and more strength to repair damaged neurons, improve brain functioning, improve neuron communication and protect brain cells from the chemicals those triggers neurological diseases in human and hence has become the vital ingredient of the health care industries for making the brain health supplements. The supplements made using our Bacopa extracts have shown its potential by considerably reducing anxiety and improving the memory formation in the patient.

After performing thorough research on the Bacopa Monnieri, we have concluded two principal bio compounds that act as the effective ingredient are Adaptogen and bacosides that contributes to better brain health and stimulate the brain functioning so by making the target of these two compounds, we have produced Bacopa Monnieri Extract that contains the maximum sum of the Adaptogen and bacosides so while used this extract for the brain supplement it delivers the amazing results in a very short period. The adaptogen helps suppressing the stress effect, while bacosides active chemical compound of the extract assists in improving neuron communication ability of the brain.

This Bacopa Extract manufactured with the utmost care towards the quality regulations as well as temperature in order to obtain the first quality collection of the extract without altering the bio compound properties of the same. Further, to examine the conformity of the each production batch, severe tests are carried out by the experience scientist and on the acknowledgement from their side, we stock these extracts with the utmost care under the ideal temperature to preserve its properties for the considerable period. This extracts we can provide in the any quantity with quality certificate as per your need in India as well as foreign countries. We take equal care during the packing of the extract to make sure you get the best quality of the Bacopa Extract, while it reaches to your door step.

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We provide the best quality Bacopa Monnieri Extract that promises to enhance the strength of your brain supplements

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Our Bacopa Monnieri Extract can be the best ingredient for the brain supplement targeting reduce anxiety and relaxation, cognitive enhancement

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