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We are the well reputed leading Plant Extracts manufacturer and also exporter of Herbal Extracts for domestic & international customers. Our Plant Extracts products are widely used in different industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, ayurvedic and food industries. Aqueous and alcohol extracts of herbs are processed to specific strength and supplied in the form of spry dried powders to customer specification. We manufacture and supply all these Herbal Extracts and Plant Extracts in all over the India and also in international market. We also manufacture customized Plant Extracts as per special requirements of our customers.

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The Content derived from the herbs is mentioned as a "Phyto chemical" and the procedure to obtain this is called "concentration" or an "extraction". The Plant Extracts India was established aimed to accept and meet the meaningful challenges across the Indian herbal medicine market. The company set up the Indian’s leading herbal extraction facility intended to manufacture the standardized herbal extracts and plant extracts. With over fifteen years of experience the company has become a youngest Indian company to be registered as a vendor, who is aware of the norms of FDA of Indian government as well as abroad. More than 200 plants have been produced governing the standard of Pharmacopoeial specification and procedure.

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